Friday, September 7, 2012

Lunchbox/Soapbox Talk: From Prim to Pole Dance (4 October)

I'll be speaking at the Wheeler Centre, at the State Library of Victoria, on Thursday 4 October in the Lunchbox/Soapbox series. The program for the rest of the year includes Clementine Ford and Catherine Deveny. My talk is entitled "From Prim to Pole Dance: Girls, Sex and Popular Culture." I'm attempting to inject a bit of historical context into recent media discussion about the "sexualisation" of girls. So let's see what happens when we juxtapose the Girl's Own Paper with A Current Affair exposés about girls out on the prowl in skimpy dresses.


The Hanging Garden said...

Wish I could make it along to hear you speak.

Clothing Online said...
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