Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girls Gone Tame at the Dolly Awards

The headline reads "Girls' Wild Night at Teen Awards". It is a Sydney Morning Herald story about the Dolly magazine Teen Choice Awards, which were held last night to honour the most popular entertainers for its teen girl readers. I am imagining a rampage. Fuelled by the caffeine of sponsor-provided Pepsi Light (watch your figures, girls!), the exclusively female audience invaded the stage, molested "Pin-up boy of the week" and girlhandled the fragile-looking one from The Veronicas.
When I see the words "wild" and "girl", I also can't help but think of the popular US phenomenon of "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs in which college girls on spring break flash their breasts at the camera and dabble in girl-on-girl erotica. Arrested Development parodied this aptly with its alternate series, Girls With Low Self-Esteem
Anyway, I am about to let you down severely here. This, according to the first line of the article, is what happened at the awards ceremony: "THE crowd screamed like teenage girls at the Dolly Teen Choice Awards last night, reserving some of their loudest cheers for a young actress with an impressive pedigree." The crowd --of teenage girls-- screamed like ... teenage girls. Let's leave the profundity of that statement aside. Is this necessarily "wild" behaviour? Girls have been screaming at events since The Beatles. Possibly they even did so for particularly attractive lute players in Medieval times. My goodness, if all a girl has to do be wild is "scream" and "cheer", what makes a "domesticated" girl? A silent one?

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