Wednesday, November 26, 2008

American Teen movie

While it's due out on DVD in the US within weeks, the documentary film American Teen has just opened in Australian cinemas. What grabbed me instantly about the preview was the way in which the categories they slotted each of the teens into reminded me of the John Hughes' classic The Breakfast Club. Little did I know how intentional this was. The film poster entirely replicates the promotional image from the '80s film. Some would say it parodies the original poster, but I'm not sure how much parody is happening in this documentary. It seems like the "jock", "nerd", "princess" and "arty outsider" archetypes are being played out in reality. I am keen to see it, though. I need to know if the Ally Sheedy of the 21st century will need to be made-over with a lacy headband, lashings of mascara and a smudge of pink lipstick to finally get a boyfriend.

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Anonymous said...

No it was nothing like that. they had their cliques, but it reflected so much more reality than a silly 80's teen flick did. This was real and dealt with real issues and it was actually a whole lot more moving than some fluff about who get's a boyfriend, or who has a makeover. It was about drugs, relationships, psychosis, life deicions, friends, peers and school. So much better more real than fluffy crap.